Street Department Weekly Clean Up

What will be picked up?  Limbs, branches, leaves and other yard debris are all that will be picked up. No garbage. Leaves may be placed in paper bags, not plastic. Limbs up to three inches in diameter will be picked up. No logs. No stumps. Limbs should be no longer than ten feet and all should be stacked in the same direction.

Where do I put the items? Everything must be near the street behind the curb or ditch or clearly away from the street if a curb is not present. If the items are in the gutter or on the street, it will not be picked up.

How do I participate? The Street Department will begin taking calls at 501-776-5990. Calling to have your waste scheduled for pick-up is required and must be done during the dates noted. This program is only open to residents who live within the Benton city limits.

When will the pick-ups be done? Collection will begin on Friday mornings. Must submit form by Thursday at 3pm of each week. Those residents who call during the sign-up period will be placed on a schedule by the Street Department. Depending on the number of pick-ups scheduled, it may take more than a day for your debris to be removed. We will get to it.

How much does it cost? Absolutely nothing. It’s a free service from the Street Department and the City of Benton.

Complete the form below to schedule a pick-up. All fields are required.

Location for items to be removed.
Select the Friday of the month for pick-up from the drop-down menu. Must submit form by Thursday at 3pm of each week