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Fire Marshal's Office

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220 S. Main St.  Benton, AR  72015

Phone:  (501) 776-5960 • Fax:  (501) 575-1214 •

The Benton Fire Marshal's Office is a critical component in the effort to protect against loss of life and property in our city. Our office focuses its efforts by proactively enforcing the city's Fire Code to ensure that existing commercial buildings remain fire-safe. This is achieved through educating both the business community as well as the community at large in fire safety practices, as well as providing technical expertise to the city's code enforcement department on providing life-safety system installations in new and existing buildings. 

Our responsibilities also include investigation of accidental as well as intentionally set fires. Investigations are conducted to determine fire origin and cause in order to prevent and deter fires in the future. The fire scene is documented, evidence is collected, and interviews of owners, occupants, bystanders, witnesses, victims, and informants are conducted. BFD works closely with law enforcement to prosecute anyone setting fires with malicious intent. 

Mission Statement

Our office is dedicated to protecting the lives of the citizens and visitors to the City of Benton by providing the highest quality of fire prevention, fire education, and fire investigations through the enforcement of the currently adopted fire co

Dear Citizen, 

The Benton Fire Department has a very straightforward job to do: Save lives and protect property. Sometimes, however, things are not so simple.

Imagine a family member facing a life or death condition in your home. You dial 911 with the confidence that a fire engine with trained fire fighters will arrive soon. Yet there is a delay. You see them drive by your house. They didn’t stop. They turn around at the next intersection and retrace their route, much slower, scanning the houses, looking for the address and delaying their response time by precious minutes. 

The problem? Your house numbers were not clearly visible. 

Luckily, this is a problem with an easy solution. One that would make our response, if any  situations require our services to your home, much quicker. Making sure your house numbers are easily seen and clearly visible from the road.

If you stand on the road in front of your house, you should be able to clearly read your house numbers, night or day. If not, you can help us by following the steps below. 

For most houses, you can place numbers no less than four inches high, of a contrasting color to your home (usually black) in a location that is clearly visible from the street. If your house is not visible from the street, you should place reflective numbers on your mailbox post or on a post set specifically for your address. Addresses painted on the curb, if there is one at your house, are not reliable and can be easily blocked by a parked automobile. They also tend to fade to the point that they are unable to be read, so this is not an option.

This minor addition to your home will not only assist the fire department but all emergency responders, such as ambulance, police, gas, etc., if their services are required. 

Thank you for your assistance in allowing us to better serve you and your family. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 501-776-5960.

Thank you