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Honorable David J. Mattingly

P.O. Box 607
Benton, AR 72018



As your mayor, I’ve learned my job description is fairly simple.  One, identify opportunities and be sure we take advantage of them, and two, recognize problems and recommend solutions.  The opportunities that have come our way have permitted our community to realize some positive social and economic benefits.  The problems we have faced required specific action by your city government with the support of the community.

I have learned it’s a lot easier to energize a community to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves versus having to explain actions which must be implemented to correct problems. Once a problem is identified, I believe the citizens have a right to expect their mayor to propose a solution within the boundaries of reasonableness.

There are, in my opinion, many opportunities awaiting our collective response, which could change our city for years to come and make us a competitive force with other cities we are constantly in competition with for economic growth.  I truly believe we have momentum on our side and need to challenge ourselves to be the best, not just for our sake but for future generations.

We had to move away from Benton once in the early 1990’s due to a company transfer.  As soon as the opportunity to return to central Arkansas occurred, we never hesitated to move back to Benton because it not only felt like home, it was home, and still is.


Mayor David Mattingly