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Employee Benefits

The following listed items give a brief overview of the City of Benton's employee benefits including our city handbook.

Employee Benefits

2023 Employee Benefits Overview                                          2024 Employee Benefits Overview

2023 City of Benton Benefit Booklet                                       2024 City of Benton Benefit Booklet 

2023 City of Benton Employee Handbook                            2024 City of Benton Employee Handbook 

Retirement Plan- 2011 Res 36 Adopting an Amended and Restated City of Benton Employees' Pension 

For questions regarding FMLA, payroll, address changes, or sick notes, please contact Pam Brown.

For questions regarding Worker's Compensation, please contact Mandy Spicer.

For questions regarding Payroll benefits and retirement, please contact Nicole Barringer.

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