Safety House


In early 2005, the Benton Fire Department received our “SAFETY HOUSE.”

The Safety House is our training tool for children of all ages to learn how to escape a burning structure. We use it in our School Programs all over the city. During the summer, you can even find the Safety House at City Picnics and other functions.

The Benton Fire Department Safety House has one bedroom and one kitchen. The bedroom door has a heater in it to so the children can feel and see if it is hot or not. The television is used to show fire prevention education videos. The safety house has two phones that can be used to call 911 (the control room operator) and can be used inside or outside of the safety house.

There is a control room that operates the smoke, lights, heated door, heater, 911 phones, air conditioner, and smoke detectors.

The safety house has two exterior doors and one window that can be used as exits. (We teach children to know at least two ways out).

The Kitchen has a working microwave and a realistic cook stove with a cooking pot on one of the burners. This pot has a button that will automatically turn the pot on so you can teach children how pots should be placed on a cook stove.

The safety house is equipped with a wheel chair ramp so it is handicapped accessible.