Animal Control Officer

Job Title: Animal Control Officer

Department: Animal Control Services

Hours: Full-Time

Job Description:


  • Captures and restrains animals by using ropes, snares, and/or tranquilizer dart guns;
  • Patrols the City on a regular basis;
  • Investigates alleged violations of animal laws and ordinances;
  • Interviews suspected violators and witnesses, and gathers appropriate physical evidence;
  • Obtains and serves seizure warrants;
  • Issues citations and warnings to violators, and testifies in court as required;
  • Answers questions and provides information to the general public regarding animal laws, ordinances, and procedures;
  • Maintains files of investigations;
  • Maintains record cards for each animal impounded;
  • Prepares daily reports of work and mileage;
  • Tranquilizes and euthanizes animals by injection;
  • Maintains accurate euthanasia records;
  • Performs surgical animal decapitations and prepares specimens for shipment to the State Health Department;
  • Serves on call outside normal business hours, including nights, weekends, and/or holidays as required;
  • Disposes of dangerous, injured and dead animals found on the street;
  • Serves as backup to the Kennel Master.


  • High School Diploma or GED;
  • Twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months animal shelter related experience and training;
  • Current Arkansas Certification of Training for Animal Euthanasia, or must be able to obtain certification within six (6) months of employment;
  • Energetic personality with strong interpersonal communication skills;
  • High attention to detail and accuracy;
  • Strong sense of ownership and initiative, collaborative and flexible attitude;
  • Knowledge of laws and ordinances governing animal control operations;
  • Knowledge of the various breeds of domestic animals and their behavioral characteristics;
  • Knowledge of the handling and general care of domestic animals;
  • Knowledge of the procedures for euthanasia of animals by lethal injection; 
  • Experience in the operation of animal capture devices, including tranquilizer guns;
  • Ability to read and interpret laws and ordinances pertaining to animal control operations;
  • Ability to perform euthanasia and surgical decapitations procedures;
  • Must be available to work nights, holidays and weekends as required;
  • Valid Drivers’ License required.