Public Safety Operator

Job Title: Public Safety Operator

Location: Benton, AR

Department: Communications Department

Hours: Full-Time

Job Description:


  • Receives calls for emergency or routine services, and questions callers to obtain information
  • required to dispatch emergency response units;
  • Determines the appropriate emergency response unit by checking references, and notifies the
  • appropriate unit of the type of call, location and other available information;
  • Provides additional information to field units dispatched to answer calls;
  • Monitors radio reports and requests for information or assistance from field units responding to calls;
  • Operates computer terminal and searches files to obtain information required by units;
  • Notifies other agencies of calls which may affect those agencies or require additional services;
  • Forwards routine calls to the proper City department or agency;
  • Notifies appropriate utility unit of situations which may involve or require the services of the utility department;
  • Performs test of radio and telephone equipment at assigned intervals, and notifies supervisor and
  • repair personnel of equipment malfunctions;
  • Maintains and updates records regarding equipment tests, street closings, fire hydrants out of
  • service and run books;
  • Notifies the effected field units of street closings and hydrants out of service;
  • Monitors National Weather Service Weather Alert radio and assigned alarm systems;
  • Notifies appropriate City department of reports received and provides information to emergency
  • response units as required;
  • Receives and provides information regarding City Services after regular business hours, and notifies employees scheduled to be on call of situations requiring response.


  • High School Diploma or GED;
  • Six (6) months of experience in communications operations;
  • Familiarity with Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulations governing radio operations;
  • Good knowledge of the City of Benton streets and boundaries;
  • Skill in operation of two-way radio equipment;
  • Skill in obtaining critical information from citizens reporting emergency situations;
  • Ability to communicate tactfully, and effectively with members of public, employees of other city departments, and employees of other agencies;
  • Ability to speak in a clear, articulate manner;
  • Ability to concentrate on calls from citizens or radio messages to and from field units despite distractions caused by other calls or conversations; 
  • Ability to determine priority calls, procedures, and appropriate field units by reading maps, run logs, technical manuals and departmental procedures;
  • Ability to maintain and update files and records;
  • Ability to complete standard report forms;
  • Ability to remain calm in emergency situations;
  • Proficient in MS Office.